I'm Peter!

I make a variety of art. Through my work, I want to explore, take risks, and most of all, remind those who view my art that they can simply exist in this world. Humanity is not a plague nor a burden, and neither are you.

I make artwork for sale! Commissions are where you request specific and custom art that I then make. This process is different from buying artwork I have already created for sale!


Please email me for your interest in commissions! My email is [email protected] , the envelop icon on the home page, or the button here. If you message me on social media for commissions, there is no guarantee I will see your message!

If you'd like to read my full terms and conditions list, please click the button to see the full page.

Terms and Conditions

Here is my page of the nitty and gritty of my commissions fully spelled out, in case you want to fully read the fine print of how I work! If you have any questions still after reading through this, feel free to email me and I'll get back to you!

Will NOT draw list:

  • racist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic, and any other hurtful content

  • extremely complex designs

  • anything that makes me uncomfortable to create by going against my morals, etc.

Commission + Purchased Art Usage

All of my commissions are non commercial. If you commission me, you are agreeing that this commission will be for personal use only.

NONE of my artwork is allowed to be used for any blockchain or blockchain-related technology for any reason, including but not limited to NFTs and Cryptocurrency ever.

Client IS allowed to use artwork in the following ways:

  • wear the artwork

  • promote self on social media with credit to the artist (profile pictures, etc)

  • print commissioned artwork for personal use (i.e. hang on wall)

  • display (i.e. hang on wall, display on desk, use for personal website, etc)

Client is NOT allowed to use artwork in the following ways:

  • make edits to the artwork (paint/draw over it, add to it, etc) without my explicit permission. Cropping and resizing is allowed.

  • use the commissioned artwork for any profiting purpose, including but not limited to making merchandise of it for sale.

  • Claim that the artwork itself is their own; that they created it. (i.e. I made it.)

General Information

This is about payment, time, process, delivery, returns / refunds, etc.

  • I accept digital payments through paypal, venmo, and ko-fi.

  • My commissions do not have a set deadline for when they will be complete. My turnaround time varies for the type of commission; most are from 7-10 days (not including the time span of shipping). If you have a deadline in mind, tell me immediately! I do reserve the right to charge a rush fee if your deadline is very soon.

  • Payment is full and upfront.

  • I do not accept returns or refunds once I have started the commission. If for any reason I am unable to start your commission or there is a complication, you will receive a full refund and will be notified!

  • I do not ship internationally. I have never had a problem shipping within the United States, but shipping outside of the States is expensive and a very complex situation.

  • Proof of completed commission and its packaging (if being shipped) are sent to the client, as well as a tracking number, the day it is shipped. I am not responsible for the location of the package after it is shipped. Please ensure you have a secure way to receive the commission (to avoid misplacement or theft).

Beaded Earrings

This is one of the newest art forms I've been learning, and there is still much more to explore!

Price starts at $30 for a single pair of earrings-- and price raises with complexity of design, size, and number of colors used.
No extra charge for swapping out earring clasps with clip ons!

Clay Pins

I adore making miniature artwork, and clay pins are where I get to challenge myself and see how detailed I can get in less than a 1in x 1in space.

Price starts at $18 for a 1 inch by 1 inch custom clay pin-- and price raises with complexity of design.

Acrylic on Canvas

I can paint just about any subject matter on little canvases!

Price starts at $35 for a 4 inch by 4 inch canvas-- and price raises with complexity of design.
( Same starting price for 4 inch by 5 inch flat canvas board )

Acrylic on Wood

I love using acrylic on wood! It's one of my favorite combos aside from acrylic on fabric. I separate this category from my canvas commissions because I can also wood burn on these pieces!

Prices start at $40 for a 3 inch by 5 inch wooden plaque-- and price raises with complexity of design.

Always a work in progress! Check back and see the new artwork I add constantly :)

I'm separating my artwork based on whether it was made for my degree or not since it's nice to watch my progress as I work through my degree!

Class Projects

I'm a university student about halfway through my Bachelor of Arts degree. I'm trying to keep track of as many of my pieces as I can, because I take a lot of care, time, and pride in the work I create!

3D Design

This was the first college art class I took. It was all about 3D design and sculptural artwork. I had a lot of fun in this class, and I discovered my love for making 3D objects and artwork that can be interacted with! I worked with wire, rope, denim, felt, natural dyes, masking tape, and so, so much hot glue.

2D Design

My second art class in college, with so many mini-projects! Truly the principles of art and design.

Beginning Wheel Ceramics

I took wheel-thrown ceramics and beginning drawing simultaneously in the first half of my second year of college. Wheel-thrown was very taxing but so incredibly rewarding.

Beginning Drawing

I took beginning drawing and wheel-thrown ceramics simultaneously in the first half of my second year of college. My confidence in graphite grew exponentially in the span of four months, and I love the pieces that came out of this class.

Beginning Watercolor

I just finished taking beginning watercolor and beginning Alaska Native art in the second semester of my second year of college. This class was challenging but so incredibly rewarding. I've never made paintings this big before in my entire life. I think I keep finding new ways to impress and surprise myself.

Beginning Alaska Native Art

I just finished taking beginning Alaska Native Art and beginning watercolor in the second semester of my second year of college. I'm born and raised here in Alaska, also being Sugpiaq from my mother and her side of the family. I'm so glad I took this course; not only been another wonderful art experience, but it's had the added delights of meeting new friends and learning more about the history, stories, and vital context added to Alaskan Native arts.

I make a lot of art! This is more art that is made in my free time, rather than for any classes of mine. Any mediums, any shapes, sizes, and subject matters. Anything goes!



All Other Art

My name is Peter! I'm from Alaska, and I'm currently working on my undergraduate degree. In what, I'm not sure, but it is an art degree... of some kind.I want to specialize in weird and wonderful art. I love making tangible objects; artwork that can be held and interacted with. I'll always love painting and drawing, but there's something so deeply satisfying about drinking out of a mug I made while wearing clothes and jewelry I made by hand, too. Art that is meant to be displayed and enjoyed visually will always have value, but I want the value of my artwork to be through tactile interaction. I hope to make more sculptures that viewers are allowed to touch.I don't want to ever stop learning, creating, or exploring. I hope that I get to do this for the rest of my life. If you've read this far, thank you for your support, and I hope you enjoy the rest of my site! :)